I.C.E Datacenters


Why Choose I.C.E DATACENTERS Montreal?

  • Leading downtown “Carrier-Neutral” inter-connection and colocation site at 875 St. Antoine
  • Flagship inter-connection hub at the center of 14 Network POPs across greater Montreal managed by Metro Optic, our business unit specialized in owning and operating high-speed fiber-optic networks
  • Access to the densest fiber-optic facility in Montreal with direct access to 50+ leading metro-, regional-, national- and international carriers, inter-exchanges (IXs) and public Cloud platforms – at very competitive prices
  • Customers for colocation and interconnection include world-leading Cloud-, technology-, healthcare, media-, government- and other industry segments customers
  • 1.2 megawatts of electrical power. Auto-transfer to a separate, fully redundant 1.2 megawatts
  • 25,000 sqft. of datacenter floor space
  • UPS N+1
  • DC Plant: 400KVA. Expandable
  • AC Plant: 450KVA. Expandable
  • 300 tons of air conditioning capacity “up flow”
  • 7 separate and secure fiber entrances that connect our DC
  • Two (2) meet me rooms (MMR) are available for local, provincial, national, North-American and International interconnections in an impartial, secure and stable environment
  • Strategically located in the heart and at the junction of all established network operators
  • 24/7/365 armed security patrols


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