I.C.E Datacenters – Metro Optic covered in major IT World Canada article

December 19, 2016

Coming Online – Leading 8 MW Toronto Datacenter

Here is an interesting  IT World Canada article from December 16: Montreal sits at the centre of Canada’s data centre golden age.

A quote from the article:

“I.C.E. also acquired a Markham, Ont.-based data centre in June after closing a deal with HPE, opening the doors on operations at the location in September. With the largest inventory of data centres available anywhere in the country, at 1.14 million square feet and 174 megawatts according to JLL, showing that North America’s fourth-largest city can’t be overlooked.

“In the data centre business you need to be in areas where there’s a lot of business and Toronto is the business hub of Canada,” Michael Bucheit, the CEO of I.C.E Data Centres – Metro Optic said.”